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Facts About Angels & Angel Therapy : 

We have a lot of angels around us. They are here to protect us. 

Angels act as an intermediary between us and God. 

Angels know that we have a free will. So they don’t interfere with our life unless we ask them. They only interfere if it is a life threatening emergency, and our life here on earth is not over yet. We have to call on them and ask them for help when we need it. 

We don t have to tell them how they need to do it, they know how, they only need to know when we want them to help and in which field. 

Some people see angels, some people sense them or feel them, some others hear them. We all have different dominant senses so whatever is your dominant sense is, would be your way of connecting with angels. 

As Doreen Virtue PhD, said “There is no too big of a job or too small of a job to be asked by Angels, it can be as small as asking for a parking space in a busy parking lot”. 

A lot of people have experienced miraculous healing or miraculous savings from accidents by the angels. 


If you or a loved one had a miraculous experience or encounter with Angels and you would like to share it with us, we Love to hear it…Please go to the guest book and fill up that information. We will do a drawing every month and if your Angel Story is the winner you will get a $50 Gift Card.