HypnoAnalysis Article

What is HypnoAnalysis? : 

HypnoAnalysis is a special technique that we use to analyze the cause of a symptom or an ailment. 

HYPNOANALYSIS is a deeper form of treatment than direct or indirect suggestions. It helps practitioners find the cause and the origin of the symptom and how to deal with that cause instead of dealing with the symptom. For example, let’s say someone comes to you to eliminate the habit of nail biting, or to lose weight. If you were to put that person into Hypnosis and deal with the nail-biting or the weight, as a symptom, by giving the person direct suggestions such as: 

“Every time your hand comes close to your mouth with the intention of biting your nails, your awareness heightens and you will become aware of what you are doing and you bring that hand down” 

Or, if working with weight control, giving suggestions such as: 

“You now lose weight, lose weight, lose weight” or ” You now eat healthy foods etc…” 

In the above examples, you have provided appropriate suggestions that might work and the client might stop the nail-biting habit or might lose weight. 

However, if the nail-biting or the overweight is associated with some bottled emotions which are still boiling inside which we call deep-seated emotions, then what happens afterwards is that the subconscious mind will create another ailment or symptom to replace the previous ones. This process is automatically done by the subconscious mind to take the client’s mind off the bottled emotions and the hurt and make him or her distracted by the new problem. 

When we perform HYPNOANALYSIS

and find out the cause of the ailment or the symptom, and then re-pattern it and focus on forgiveness, self- esteem, ego strengthening or parts therapy, it is like pulling the tree from its roots, burning it and then replacing it with a new one (the positive programming). This way we would have eliminated the ailment or symptom once and forever. In more traditional approaches, we would run the risk of cutting one branch (the symptom) and letting another branch or two grow instead. In essence, we would be attempting to remove the symptom rather than the root cause. 

Case Histories: 

Case One: 

I worked with a 14 year old girl who have had splitting Migraine for eight years. Every time she had the Migraine, she would turn very pale, her lips would become blue and she would develop a big sensitivity to light, so every time she had a headache, she had to go lay in bed and cover herself over her head in order not to see the light. The first time I met her we were in a party and I saw that young lady laying her head on the table. I asked about what was wrong with her and I was told she has a Migraine. I was also told that her dad was a doctor and that he would give her some kind of analgesic that is very strong of which each pill was $14.00 and she would be a little better soon. 

I spoke with her parents and explained to them that I could help their daughter with Hypnotherapy and that would get her out of that migraine cycle into a healthy life with no migraine and no side effects from the medicine. They agreed and she was brought to me after 3 months (probably after a lot of thinking by the parents). 

I worked with her four sessions. She was very responsive to Hypno-analysis and subsequently we stopped the migraine cycle . She has not had one in three years. 

She also stopped biting her nails and she improved her attitude and her grades at school and became a lot more receptive at home. I get a lot of referrals now from her Dad who is a doctor as well as from her Mom who tells everybody she meets about the Miraculous healing of her daughter. 

Case Two: 

I was teaching a Self-Hypnosis class in Florida Community College my students were very interested in Hypno-analysis and requested me to show them how it is done. I told the class I needed a volunteer and that volunteer needs to get me a doctor referral allowing me to work with him or her. I did not think any body was going to go through the trouble to go to a doctor and bring me a referral. But I was wrong. 

The next week when the class met again, a lady in her 50’s approached me and gave me a doctor’s referral. She wanted to work with weight that she has had all her life. 

I scheduled that for the coming week. I worked with her for two hours, one time only. During the 8 weeks of the class she lost 14 pounds with no further work or suggestions from me other then one-group session for losing weight. 

Note: In both cases the reasons for the problems were minute or you might even say funny, but at the time it happened for that little individual who was helpless and hopeless about changing the situation, it created negative energies and energetic imbalances. 

Our philosophy is to work with the root CAUSE of the problem and not with the SYMPTOM; by changing negative energies and imbalances into POSITIVE Energies.  

Although the cause of an imbalance might be funny, ridiculous or even silly, it is the effect that matters and the effect is a negative energetic field. By removing the negative energy and creating a new way of thinking and perceiving, people’s life will no longer be affected by that negativity. 

Note: Hypno-analysis is a deeper form of therapy that should only be used by professionals who have had training and certification as Hypnotherapists and should 
not be used by practitioners who have had training and certification as Hypnotists. 

A doctor’s referral is always requested for such work especially if the client is in counseling or under psychiatric care.