HypnoAnalysis Course Outline

Graduates Testimonials 

Graduates Testimonials:”I learned so much at my HypnoAnalysis training with Renee Sakr. I’ve been a hypnotherapist for 3 years, and I was searching for something new to add to my “toolbox”. I am excited that I will now be able to help my clients on a deeper level. The training was very thorough and informative, and Renee has been wonderful and prompt in answering any questions I’ve had since the training. I highly recommend it to all hypnotherapists.” Thank you! 

Amy Bernstein, LCSW, CHt, HBCE, Mooresville – North Carolina. 

“I enjoyed the HypnoAnalysis class a lot and feel I learned much. Love and Light to you Renee… are such a wonderful Light Worker here on Planet Earth, and it is a blessing to know you.” 

Beth Vogel, CHT, Atlanta – Georgia. 

Course Outline: 


Client Intake/History. 

Reason for Intake/History. 

Pre-Regression talk. 

Review and Importance of Doctor’s Referral Form. 

Creating Rapport. 

Ideo-motors, what are they and what purpose do they serve. 

Learn how to find out if the client is lying and how to prove that to him/her. 

How to alleviate possible misconceptions. 

How to alleviate clients’ fears. 

Direct suggestions therapy. 

Indirect suggestions therapy. 

How to deal with analytical clients. 

How to deal with resistant or acting clients. 

Different deepening methods. 

Advanced regressions techniques. 

How to discover the Initial Sensitizing Event. 

How to discover Subsequent Sensitizing Events. 

How to induce Ab-reactions. 

How to lessen the effects of Ab-reactions. 

How to manage and control Ab-reactions. 

How to end Ab-reactions. 

How to break the connection between the Initial Sensitizing Event and the present problems or issues. 

How to use Chair Therapy. 

How to probe to know if the client is ready to do forgiveness. 

Forgiveness, the best Healing Tool! How to do forgiveness. 

Inner Child Healing and Re-Integrating. 

How to handle Difficult Situations. 

How to do Life Regressions. 

How to do Regressions to the Womb. 

How to do Regressions to Cause. 

How to do Past Life Regressions. 

How to overcome the Root Cause of a Problem. 


Take Home Materials: 

a) Certification in HypnoAnalysis 

b) A complete manual to ensure your continual success. 

c) Sixteen hours of CEU’s. 

d) Client Intake/History form. 

e) Request for Physician Referral Form. 

f) Hypnoanalysis Instructions. 

g) Hypnoanalysis Scripts. 

h) Past Life Regressions Scripts. 

i) Step by Step of a typical Hypnoanalysis session. 

j) Scripts for deepening methods. 

k) Step by step on how to do First, Second, Third & Fourth session with a client. 

Tuition For the 3 days Intensive Specialty 

Certification Training and Materials is $975.00 

Save $75.00 (if we receive your full payment 45 days before the start of the training, we will give you a credit of $75.00 so you pay $900.00 Only!) 

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